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My (Xfinity) internet connection has been especially shitty this morning, as it often is when it's rainy outside. Seriously looking into other providers at this point (for a long time the only competitor was Metronet, which was even shittier).

FF XIV HW spoilers, tat that I do not need but want 

ffxiv, HW spoilers 

Someone referred to "the WOW-looking dude in Garlemald" and we all knew he meant Varis

Star Trek 2x20 "Return to Tomorrow" 

"Vessels this size, with engines the size of walnuts!"

("Walnuts... with engines the size of starships! A man, barely alive...")

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Star Trek 2x20 "Return to Tomorrow" 

oh hey, it's Diana Muldaur, I forgot she was in this

Orville 3x10 

That's as "we're not getting renewed and we're okay with that" an ending as I've ever seen. They didn't wrap everything up in a neat bow, but they're clearly saying goodbye to the show.

That said, they're not closing the door on further shows in the universe, especially with the reintroduction of Giorgia Whigham's Lysella character from season 1, for whom this feels like a backdoor pilot.

Trying oat milk in my coffee starting today. So far it hasn't caused any bugs...

I wish Bioux's favorite place to sit weren't directly in front of my feet, very abruptly, as I'm walking.

Mr. Plow
That's my name
That name again
is Mr. Plow


Woke from an odd isekai dream, which started with me finding out a friend was from another world and ended with their friend, who'd demanded to have the whole thing explained to them, closing the portal because they were also from the other world and had been tasked with keeping an eye on the portal and preventing people from going through it.

I'm posting this for @monorail but it's really for everybody

(I am too tired to type this out, help me @OCRbot you're my only hope)

how often do you think they send a spaceship to relieve the guy who has to live on the james webb telescope and paint all those pictures

You see, Aquaman and Namor made sense when they were introduced in the late 30s and early 40s. The world was heavily invested in exploring the ocean, sea bases were being seriously considered, and a war was beginning that featured a heavy naval element and the first major use of submarines. In this essay I will

game grumps, today's episode 

yelling "anniversary" at the screen

alex jones sandy hook trial 

In case you wondered how much contempt Jones and his lawyer have for the rest of the US, the lawyer just finished his closing argument with Martin Niemöller's "First they came for the socialists..." prose poem.

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