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Finally watching "Owl House".

1) I keep hearing Wendie Malick as Eda and thinking it's Lisa Edelstein.

2) Am I the only one thinking that Luz's mom must be freaking the fuck out after realizing that Luz never made it to summer camp?

Truly, there is no better way to make your programming subreddit warm and welcoming than by insisting that users post their questions in an unstickied thread from a week ago, and in that thread's OP say "actually go post on StackOverflow instead".

Lookin' right at you, r/rust.

Serious question: when you refer to someone as "crunchy", does that refer to granola or to the sound their "dreads" make when they bend? (Or something else? :blobeyes:​ )

I wonder how many pluses after the A eBay reviews are up to now.

hot take about political discourse 

We should go back to calling the current state of affairs in much of the world "modern capitalism". "Late capitalism" is a little too optimistic right now.

trickle-down economics 

It is bad comedy that anyone, anywhere still genuinely thinks that trickle-down economics / "job creator theory" / etc. is a valid, worthwhile economic strategy.

It's foolish on its face. Think about it: every extremely rich person who did not start out extremely rich and who has stayed that way for any length of time has one thing in common: they are all very good at acquiring and keeping wealth.

So why in the world would anyone believe that if you gave them more wealth, suddenly they'd be inclined to not keep it? The idea doesn't stand up to even a moment's scrutiny at a fundamental level.

Tax the fucking rich.

Please recommend shelving to me!

* I am in the US.
* This is a storage shelf, not a bookshelf. It must be at least 12" deep and preferably 16", because some of what it's intended to store is big.
* Some of what it's intended to store is fairly heavy, so it must be sturdy.
* I don't care about material. I do care about cost.

Any ideas? :boost_ok:​

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Hic quoque abibit.

Just Ellie (and perhaps some of her toys).