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Having the weirdest problem with VSCode. I am

  1. using search-and-replace throughout a file
  2. using the mouse and scrollbar to scroll to the top of the file
  3. clicking on the first line
  4. typing

And what happens is that VSCode will register any of A-Z, ` to =, the F-keys, and Return, but no other keypress is acknowledged, and while it will offer autocomplete suggestions, pressing Return doesn't accept them; it adds a new line.

I have a post-it note on one of my monitors detailing the construction flow of an item in Factorio from the last time I played it, which was, I think, in... October? :thaenkin:​

Milo's Candy Shop AU should be the next coffee shop AU

Okay, I've got a crew coming out on Monday or Tuesday to do a trial mow and give me a quote on yard cleanup, because there's some stuff out there that really shouldn't be, but that I can't move by myself.

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Seriously considering spending the $ to have someone mow my lawn; the city's annoyed and I'm worried my energy might give out before I can finish mowing it.

how have I been up for almost five hours already :blobsleepless:​

Depression is hitting hard today. Not the usual self-recrimination and not the hopelessness of the last few weeks; I'm just sad and having trouble focusing. :/

I was looking around my house this morning and noticed anew just how many places there are where there are painted-over nail holes or nails that are sticking out just a little bit in odd places, and realized that the previous owners must have decorated a lot more than I do.

It's probably a combination of being long-term poor and the amount of my adult life I spent living in the house I grew up in that's made me just... not decorate. I don't even really think about it. It's either been something I wasn't able to do or something I wasn't allowed to do, so... I just learned to do without it.

I'm a little disappointed, because there are some people in my follow requests who seem cool, but they saw a (1) interesting post from me and just slammed the Follow button without thinking I was interesting enough even to just read my damn profile.

I'm gonna start a new conspiracy theory: the earth is a globe, but the moon is flat

I don't think of Bananarama often, but when I do, in my mind they're Bananas in Pajamas.

I dreamt that I posted "send me your favorite image and I'll boost it" and mavica broke my instance and browser by sending me a full let's-play of Super Metroid as a GIF.

Where the hell did that come from? :blobconfused:

Posted five #Pride Full Persian bangles, three rainbow variants, one pansexual, one genderfluid. Superheroes going up next while I'm in the Full Persian bangle bag.

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politics-adjacent, formula, you should know 

A major contributor to the baby formula shortage is the closure of Abbott Nutrition's plant that was involved in the manufacture of "Similac and other popular formulas". It's well-known that the FDA shut the plant down; what appears to be less well-known is that Abbott (no relation to the governor of Texas) appears to have known about the contamination, deliberately misled the FDA during inspections, and refused to maintain or clean the equipment that caused the contamination so they could... pursue stock buybacks.

(Food Safety News is, as far as I know, a reliable source here, and people I trust vouch for it. If you can prove they're lying here, please let me know.)

The moving sale has begun. I have added the first three items to my Ko-fi shop and reopened it at I will continue adding items, box by box, until I run out of stuff I already have photographed. This may take a couple of days, so the stock will change over time. No modifications are possible, sorry, all items sold as-is. I am not taking commissions at this time. #maille

Don’t have a job with enough hours for now; anything helps

kkkanada only:

Interac e-Transfer (ask for details)

$siddharth_shah Wealthsimple Cash

Non kkkanada but inclusive of kkkanada:

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