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When I was young, I wanted a pair of infrared goggles. I wasn't sure what infraring was or how you could infrare a pair of goggles, but by golly, if they let you see in the dark then I wanted some. Took until I was 11 or 12 before I discovered the hyphen. That does sound daunting! It would be so nice if retail would just assign regular shifts at reasonable times. I think I've mentioned the time I came in on Black Friday to help out, worked from 2-10, and then got asked to open the store the next day because the person who was supposed to called out, so I definitely understand your apprehension. >_< But I have faith in your ability to do it, and I'm glad that the environment sounds better than it was at your last job. <3

ooh, I just thought of a very scary Halloween name

@freemo Like high fantasy, but instead of European influences, its primary influence is African culture and environment.


Seminary for the first semester (with initial apartment getting costs put in) would be about $8,000

This is after the tuition grant that the university is giving me.

If I have good grades (as I had bad grades in undergrad due to getting 10 new disabilities while trying to do homework), the tuition grant will increase to it only being $2k a semester.

Also, I'm in the middle of working through the candidacy process for the church to get funds for future semesters that way.

However if any of you would like to help with my costs, feel free to share and talk about me and anything like that.

Money for this would go directly to my savings as to not be mixed up with my other expenses.

I have like.... 3 weeks to see if this is viable. They require my final decision by the 18th.

...frell, I forgot to warm up dialysate for the vampire tomorrow. Gonna have to skip...

I miss Bioux, my black cat whom I rescued as a kitten; I discovered him when I stopped at a stoplight, in a borrowed truck, and heard him meowing from the cab-bed linkage. He used to come and curl up with me when I went to sleep. When I moved to the house I was in previously, he wasn't allowed inside - owner's orders, and I couldn't resist because it was what I could afford - and one day he just stopped showing up. He was a good cat.

@toroidal I'm not gonna boo you off the stage, I have snakes for hair and a snake tail and I'm all about Weird Intelligence and, well, :weirdfish:​ is My Thing

Sitting in the agora
Eyeing water springs with good intent
Thoughts running through his head
Stone conduits guiding water down


I can't believe that I didn't realize before now that shares a name with PRAVDA.

organization begging, drag 

The First City Pride Center is desperate for funds to keep the lights on after Pride was canceled for the second year in a row. We host one of the few Trans groups in coastal GA, as well as HIV testing, mental health services, and a point of contact to LGBTQ+-friendly health care providers.

Donations welcome. And we're hosting a virtual cabaret on Thursday with regional performers.

"The problem with rock'n'roll is that the generation that created it is now the establishment."

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Hic quoque abibit.

Just Ellie (and perhaps some of her toys).