@pikestaff A lot of it is that most of these people are coming from Twitter, where either everything you say is public or nothing you say is public, and so people see someone making public posts and assume that they're not going to say anything that not everyone can see.

@pikestaff aw! I do not hate the people I follow. I just get a lot of follow requests from people who see the posts I make that get a lot of boosts or who know me only from the Guide and who don't know who the hell I am, just that I had one good post one time and so obviously I should tell them all my secrets. "Interact before following" isn't trying to chase people off. For me, it's mostly "did you even bother to read my profile before you sent a follow request, or do you not know me at all?".

@Lady if that. I'm used to "he was wounded and later died in a police-related gunfire incident"

hey what's a solid cellular provider in the us, mine is failing me enormously and i am out of patience and livid. i already have an unlocked phone if that can make my life easier, i don't need a new one

MAVERICK: "We finally did it. We won."

ICEMAN: "I guess this really was... a Top Gun."

MAVERICK: "No, ICEMAN. The real Top Gun was the friends we made along the way."

The best part of "Top Gun: Maverick" is when Tom Cruise looks at Val Kilmer and says "It's Morbin' time"

do not open: bad joke inside 

@celesteh hey now. I play the saxophone.

It's brass and felt.

@celesteh (How can you tell when the drum pedestal's not level?

The drummer's only drooling out of one side of his mouth.)

@celesteh (How can you tell when there's a drummer at your front door?

The knocking slows down.)

LB: This is not why I love Charles but it's certainly a contributing factor. :D

One like, one terrible, tired, old band / orchestra joke. (Mostly oboes and conductors tbh, but you know)

re: stormblood hildebrand 

@magicalmilly oh no, Shigure is the new Bri... um. Briar...

Shigure is the new elf

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