haha, I may have edited some half-height sprites to only actually be eight pixels tall instead of sixteen with an empty top half, and Godot determines sprite position by the upper-left corner...

Also, revisiting this has reminded me that... I need to do some revisiting of Brinstar as a whole, because the lava's a non-collision tile... so Samus is going to fall through the map the first time she goes in...

Fortunately, that camera-limits hack is going to come in handy - I can put a floor under the lava that will never be shown to the player, because the camera's bottom limit is at the bottom of the lava sprites in every room where it appears, except the rooms where you're supposed to be able to pass through it.

@spicytamazon Yeah, 3.4.3 stable. Once I get better with the software I might head over to the beta...

@noelle Your learning experience makes me want to have the spoons to try Godot again.

@crash Remaking a game that already exists and that I know well is really helping my understanding of how Godot works, for what it's worth.

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