"Babysitting a 4 year old has me convinced that what video games need is 'little buddy mode,' where a kid can have a character that just jogs along with you and can help/get their own encouraging score but cannot be harmed"

@Nine @noelle My brother always used to make me play as Tails and I loved it (but didn't realise my presence was mostly irrelevant). 😆

@matt @noelle Tails was actually surprisingly useful. Free damage without risk on bosses! Rescue sonic from those exploding claw spider robots in chemical plant (I think?? or was it metropolis zone?).

My little brother always played as Tails and when we found that out it was minidblowing. When Sonic 3 revealed that Tails could lift Sonic up to other places? Mind blown a second time. it was great :D

@matt @noelle of course this also opened up the possibility for my little brother to absolutely prank the hell outta me lmfao. XD "Bro help the spider got me!" "Oh yeah sure let me just sit here and watch loooool"

@Nine @noelle I remember precisely those moments.

So few games these days have a multiplayer co-op / split screen option. Everything is online and encouraging you to be sat in a room alone instead of sat with friends.

@noelle one of the replies in those tweets is an absolutely heartwarming story about a guy playing City of Heroes with his daughter(?) and oh my god it's so precious

@noelle Weirdly, my 5yo's obsession with Bowser's Fury has *him* playing Mario and relegating me to the indestructible buddy Bowser Jr.

Sometimes Dragonlet won't even activate the second controller. I just sit there holding it and he complains to me when the (computer-controlled) Bowser Jr. does something he doesn't want.

But it works for him.

@noelle I think Super Mario Galaxy has a similar feature? Player 1 controls Mario, and Player 2 just collects the Star Bits like Player 1 would.

You have to collect a lot of them Bitties to unlock new levels later on, so there's a reason to collect as much as you can, while getting some extra help along the way.

@noelle My kiddo grew up playing the Lego games with me like that.

@noelle Super Mario Galaxy for Wii allows a second player to mop up stars with a Wiimote while the main player does the driving.

@noelle This was something I thought Child Of Light did really well, and also wish more games offered.

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