Stop using the abbreviation "a11y".

If you're obfuscating the word you use to talk about accessiblity, you're not actually particularly interested in accessibility.

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@noelle omfg this, I've seen that word used by 'allies' for 12 plus years now, even back then it was pointed out why it was bad but no one listened lol

@noelle Omg I don't even understand what it's supposed to mean. Thanks a lot for your post, which was really necessary imo!

@akirapink @testoceratops @noelle it's supposed to be "accessibility" with the 11 letters between A and Y removed, and replaced with 11 so it looks like ally

Which is the kind of cutesy wordplay people like, but especially in this case there's good reasons not to do it

@Louisa @akirapink @noelle Oh this... That's a disaster. When I see people using it for full sentences or in their username I can't help thinking about screen readers and how a nightmare it must be to deal with stuff like that... Even myself I don't understand and it gives me headaches

@Louisa @akirapink @testoceratops @noelle iirc it's based on the prior use of i18n and l10n for internationalization and localization, which i suspect got adopted solely to avoid having to decide between American and British spelling

Nerds, y'all. We're bad at naming things. Never let us name things.

@noelle it's also just not a good way to abbreviate things in general (l10n, i18n, and k8s are utterly incomprehensible for people who don't know what they mean)
like is it really that hard to spend the extra couple seconds typing the other characters

@noelle I struggle with both writing and reading, especially in foreign languages, it takes energy out of me every time to spell something like this correctly, this word in particular has a lot of part like this. This is an obscure abbreviation and I wish we had something better but I feel hurt that after spending a lot of time and energy trying to boost said accessibility just not spelling it out every time I am written off as someone who doesn't care.

@charlag I could have, and probably should have, specified "able developers", you're right. I'm sorry for overlooking you.

@noelle we are all temporarily abled. Everything is context. Are abbreviations hard on some people sometimes? Yes. Is this the only realistic choice for people sometimes? Yes.
Is it disrespectful to readers to always write a11y? Yes. Is it reasonable to not spell it out 15 times in the same issue discussion? Yes. Do people who actually talk about accessibility not care about it? Probably not.
This feels like a twitter-like fast-and-hard logic and I don't like it

@noelle I don't think it's the obfuscation that's anywhere near as problematic as the corner cutting.

@noelle And a little deeper dive on this...if you're trying to make things accessible, put the work in to actually do it. Hang on, I got a graphical metaphor based on my city...

@noelle Look at the sidewalk that crosses this picture laterally. The trasnition to the street the left has accessibility. The transition to the street on the right has a11y.

@noelle Also somehow both sides of this intersection are considered blind and wheelchair accessible in the US, but that's a different conversation.

@noelle I have very little patience for any of that kind of shit out of able bodied assholes.

@noelle t1e f2t t2t t2y a1e e2n u3n t3e a11s p4s t2t s5s a1e l2y f3s

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