I do tend to think of people as their avatars, even when I've seen their faces. This is why @craigmaloney is a cat in a headset, @thegibson is Max Headroom (well, not quite), @kemonine is the back of a hoodie, and @crash is a grumpy yellow blob drinking coffee and trapped in a hexagon.

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@noelle @craigmaloney @thegibson @kemonine I'm not locked in here with the coffee, the coffee is locked in here with me.

@noelle same here

some folk will always be a pan flag or a weird fractal

if i get dementia its gonna get real weird real fast

*looks at her icon*
It the abstract thing a problem?

@Anke Not at all! in my mind you're an abstract swirl and that's okay :)

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Hic quoque abibit.

Just Ellie (and perhaps some of her toys).