"You must enable DRM to play this ad."

can't watch the ad then, I guess.


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@noelle @pup_hime Probably for anti-cheat... Yes, anti-cheat in ads is a thing, many advertisers use it to detect fraudulent clicks.

@niconiconi @pup_hime I can see that generally, but in this particular case I suspect not, since the ad was placed by the site I was looking at and was for one of their own products. Nobody's got an incentive to fraudulently click there.

@niconiconi @pup_hime But generally, people making awful ads and the sites that run them trying to scam them out of money?

@noelle @pup_hime "Always has been." There was even a performative art project back in 2005: scamming Google Adsense for money, using money to buy Google stocks, until it owns Google. Not practical but it was hilarious. Its official website is still online:

@noelle @niconiconi @pup_hime

reminds me of how I was reading an article about the new VW Golf on the Autocar website on my mobile phone; and it was unreadable due to being obscured by a pop up ad from Volkswagen 😁

@noelle I've encountered the same thing and it boggles the mind that I've found the one thing where my life is improved by DRM.

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