@noelle This explains why some people are so freaked out that I eat much more than I used to.

@noelle This explains my guilt about switching hobbies every year or two.

Everyone is like "how's your garden?" and I'm like "uhhh, it's a pile of blackberries, but let me talk your ear off about tidepools."

There's a societal expectation that your hobbies should never change so people can know what to talk to you about. But really people just want to connect with you about something you're passionate about.

@sphakos @noelle I'd suggest; people connect to you as Dresses Like X, Talks About A Lots, and Really Loves G. Getting to know Dresses Like Y, Talks About B Lots, and Really Loves H is basically getting to know a new stranger.

So people are either happiest with a compromise (Dresses Like X, But Talks About B Now, and Still Likes G But is Totally Into H) or getting to see that switch. Maybe compromises feel like getting to be along for the ride.

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