Or even better, @noelle, just tax higher income folks a bit more and let the government fund arts. Not only it makes art more sustainable as a career, but works will be under public domain and benefit everyone.

@noelle we need to get back into using the arts to say Fuck You

@magicalmilly @noelle Look, I'm working on it, but there's only so much I can do when I tell my students "Question everything" and they refuse to respond with "Why?"

@noelle hold up... Where can I commission my opera? Who has their commissions open?

@noelle stack overflow Broadway musical rants could be a category I might be interested in 馃


I would jump at the chance to help create something ridiculous like this.

@RussSharek @noelle For when you don't have the time to explain all the reasons why a proposed action is a bad idea, but it's going to really bother you if you don't at least try.

@crash @noelle

I rarely get a chance for the venn diagram of my geeky hobbies and my theater training to overlap.

@noelle Wait, it only costs like $20 grand to commission an opera? o.0 I was aiming it would be millions with all the actors and sets and things

@noelle And if any tech types want to do that, I have all the contacts to make, 'Holy God, just learn how to code' a reality...

@noelle tbh if i made that kind of money

i think i would

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