Reminder: when someone complains about "woke", they're complaining that other people are human beings who have rights. That's all they're talking about. They want to be the only people who are really human and get rights.

@noelle They resent anyone not in line with their fulsome fealty to the #corporatedictatorship
... like I should compete to be a more perfect sychophant. Get bent!

@noelle to be clear it's not the usage of "woke" that is meant here but someone who complains about progressive ideas getting mainstream.

My ND ass needed a second here.

@noelle its the same thing as ppl complaining about “sjw” back in the early 2010’s. They just found a new word for it - a word which afaik is from aave as well.

@foervraengd @noelle
I still don't understand how people thought "LOL, justice is bad!" was something they'd say in public...

@foervraengd @noelle

And "Politically Correct" before that. Different title, same bigoted song sheet.

The appropriation of the part of the "anti-woke" brigade is particularly egregious compared to its precursors, though.

@noelle it always struck me as such a… made up complaint. Along the same lines as saying that breakfast has too much eggs or something

@noelle it's worse than that. Ask them what woke means. Get them to define it. Usually people complaining about anything "woke" can't define what "woke" means because they're regurgitating the points of others rather than defining their own.

@stevelord @noelle

This tracks with the behavior I've observed on Nextdoor. It seems clear that the rules are basically "We're allowed to tell you what to do, but you're not allowed to tell us what to do." -- which in turn seems based on the assumption of "we are the real/good/important people who are in the right, and you aren't".

The idea of a free and equal society is not part of their worldveiw.

@woozle @noelle there's definitely a strong tribalist element. Fundamentally, their news sources repeatedly use woke as a label without ever explaining what it is. Because these people don't tend to look up definitions on their own, that's why they're left unable to explain it.

The idea of a free and equal society is not part of their worldview because their information sources tell them not only is such a society impossible but *any* attempt to create one would harm them and their loved ones.

@stevelord @noelle

not only is such a society impossible but any attempt to create one would harm them and their loved ones.

So much for their loyalty to the American ideal.

@noelle @TQ In my experience it’s like ⅔ this and ⅓ fictional boogeymen, largely invented as cover for the first. 100% crap, though.

@noelle it is an old problem. “How dare those non-humans insist they are human!!”

@noelle I mean that's the thing; as much as right wingers complain about buzzwords they consume a lot of them and someone complaining about "woke" stuff - that's a buzzword. It just works just completely the opposite to the original political meaning.

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