@wigglytuffitout Prompt: Bruce Pennyworth, Clark Kent, Lina "Inverse" Kyle, and Pam Isley play D&D

@wigglytuffitout yes, I'm just casually handing you the idea that Selina is a) an anime fan and b) a Slayers fan


@wigglytuffitout They run into each other at Gothikon:

"Officer Kyle! What are you doing here?"
"...what are you doing here?"
"Are you kidding? I love this stuff. But I never took you for--"
"No, wait. You need to explain more."
"Oh, the outfit?"
"Yes the outfit."
"Well, cosplay - that's costume play - is an integral part of --"
"I know what cosplay is, jackass, I'm -- no, we're talking about your costume."
"What can I say? I'm a fan of the classics."
"You are dressed as Sailor Moon."
"She always saves the day! It's aspirational! Now, let's talk about your costume, Officer..."

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