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Today's SCOTUS decision, in my eyes, essentially means the end to a requirement that patients consent to medical procedures.

Here's my rationale: one of the standard analogies is to imagine that you wake up one morning and discover that you're attached via tubes and wires to another adult human being, who is in a coma. These tubes and wires are providing nutrients to and waste disposal from this other human being; you are expected to consume additional nutrients and process additional waste on their behalf. You must bring this person wherever you go for nine months; at that point they will wake up and you will be freed. If you disconnect yourself before that, the person you were attached to will die.

Today's SCOTUS decision says that you don't have a right to disconnect yourself from that person; if you consented in the first place, you don't have the right to withdraw that consent, and if you didn't consent and the attachment was forced on you, then you still don't have the right to pull yourself away. Once you are attached, your right to self-determination ends.

(This is a vile decision on every front, but even if you are not and will never be in a position to have an abortion, this decision affects you, and you should be aware of that.)

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