Look, cryptocurrency folks, an NFT conference has arranged for a) a Snoop Dogg lookalike to prowl the floor and b) a rapper who is not the Snoop Dogg you know but who calls himself "Snoop Dogg" to perform raps there, all so they can say "look, Snoop Dogg was performing here, see?".

If this is not on-the-nose telling you "we are perpetrating fraud and we want you to be the victim" for you, what will be?

@noelle "well *technically* there was *a* Snoop Dogg at the conference"


"well *technically* it is decentralized and not centrally-issued"


@noelle Were other low-rent rappers not available?

Pretty sure a certain "I'm country now" shithead that used to be from the suburbs of Detroit has an open calendar.

@kuba Here's Kevin Collier on the impersonator, "Doop Snogg":

I can't find the source I had for the ersatz rapper, so I'd just be googling like you would. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@noelle surprised they couldn't get actual snoop dogg since he's a police collaborator now and does ads for cop surveillance doorbells and a bunch of random shit

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