@noelle oof. I feel like this should have been covered when they were buying the house as part of regulatory compliance. 😬

@noelle sometimes I forget not everyone had the amazing realtor spouse and I had, who explained everything quite thoroughly and patiently to our ignorant asses

@noelle we should be grateful they are asking the questions because the alternative is they do not and then they get a rude awakening much later in life

@noelle imagine having so much faith in capitalism that you think it wouldnt fuck you over any chance it gets

@noelle it's okay once you remind them that it's all part of the "free market" they'll probably be okay becuase they love the "free market" right?

@noelle Probably good to ask before buying the house, I suppose.

@noelle me when tendency of the rate of profit is to go up up up

@noelle the year 2007 is basically pre-historic times, it would seem

@noelle Well, still lucky you live in the US. There, if you don't pay your mortage, the bank takes your house.
Here, if you don't pay your mortage the bank takes your house, then sells it, and you still own the bank the difference between the mortage and whatever they got from selling it.

@noelle can you imagine how much worse it would be if the mortgage interest on a house you bought last year also went up like it’s happening right now?

@noelle I’m seeing people reply “at least they’re asking before they purchase,” but I don’t see any “before I buy” there.

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