Might be getting Mandarin / Chinese learning materials. Unless something changes, I plan on starting it end of June / early July.

Got my buddy Pimsleur from the library. The library should also have Mango Languages, so I may give that a try

My brother apparently tried Pimsleur and didn't like it because of the relatively short gap time to compose your reply.

I told him he's free to pause it, and he went "no that's cheating"

(I mean I suppose it is, the point is that you learn to speak without fear / editing everything in your head)

Oh yes, I hear you can buy Duo the Duolingo owl now in plush form, and I think making a knock-off "elf on the shelf" game with it would be funny.

Every day your partner moves Duo, as a reminder to get in your 15 minutes of practice. watch out, Duo is in the knife drawer!!!!!

@noelle @lapis alt text:
Duolingo notification: Looks like you forgot your Spanish lesson again, you know what happens now!
Unrelated but amusingly adjacent notification: ADT: Intruder Alert (Back door). Proceed with caution.

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Just Ellie (and perhaps some of her toys).