my brain mixing up the username and the post contents: 

@noelle :hacker_a:​:hacker_c:​:hacker_k:​:hacker_e:​:hacker_r:​:hacker_m:​:hacker_a:​:hacker_n:


Good analogy, and of course those who tried over and over feel as though they worked the hardest.

@noelle wait, people give speeches at carnivals? πŸ˜…

@noelle I'm sure I've boosted this before but it's still valid

@noelle Be me. Not be rich. See's that everyone from CALARTs is famous in the film / animation industry. Cannot afford it. I am not in the film / animation industry. I would have been, had I been rich enough to go to Cal Arts. This is fact. I live with it every day. Feel your pain. I'm over it now. I am a normie who just has a job.

@noelle Damn. That is such a perfect analogy. And the sad part is, our economy depends on those people who put their whole wad of cash on that one dart throw, because we need the successful ones to keep it going. Most restaurants ultimately fail, but the ones that make it keep the industry going.

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