When you were here before
I didn't satisfy
You ordered an omelet
Your hunger was high
Your ticket was misplaced
And you got the wrong food
You ordered the special
I wish I was special

But I'm a crêpe
I'm a pancake
What the hell am I doing here
I don't belong here

@noelle maybe it's just because there's nowhere around here that makes them but i think crepes are pretty special tbh

@hoppet @noelle only place around here I can get crepes I think is either 45 minutes away at a fancy place or at IHOP and I don't know if those count

@hoppet @noelle I don't know if they do anymore but they did very briefly or maybe it was Denny's there's two run together in my brain

@hoppet @scoots @noelle IHOP does indeed do crepes!!! It's my favorite thing to order there. :3

@scoots @hoppet @noelle rhys there's a nice crepe place at the mall over there

@noelle I hate that I already immediately heard the tune to the song as I read this text God damn it Ellie lmao

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