Just ran across someone on Reddit who ignores the story in FFXIV and only plays for Number Go Up, and... why?

I understand playing for Number Go Up, that's not my question. But if that's your goal, why pick a paid, subscription-based MMO, and of all the paid, sub-based MMOs, why pick the one that's most heavily story-bound instead of, say, WOW, where one of my big complaints was that a huge portion of the story happened outside the game?

@noelle noooooo it's the best story in an MMO hands down, better story than lots of RPGs too :O

@noelle I was gonna say maybe they're only playing the free, meme-sponsored expansions but you'd know better than I do.

Someone introduce this person to a free game with numbers

@lapis They were talking about doing raids in the non-free content, or that would have been my guess too.

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