Having the weirdest problem with VSCode. I am

  1. using search-and-replace throughout a file
  2. using the mouse and scrollbar to scroll to the top of the file
  3. clicking on the first line
  4. typing

And what happens is that VSCode will register any of A-Z, ` to =, the F-keys, and Return, but no other keypress is acknowledged, and while it will offer autocomplete suggestions, pressing Return doesn't accept them; it adds a new line.


This doesn't stop until I save and close the document, and I get no notification that this is happening until I try to use autocomplete and get a newline instead. I can still click on the autocomplete to accept it; the mouse works fine. And of course I have workarounds; this doesn't happen if I don't scroll, so Ctrl-G 1 End works just fine to get to the top of the file and the end of the line. It's just bizarre.

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Come to think of it, I'm also getting an odd bug where sometimes, when I right-click, VSCode will flash the context menu and then do whatever was under the mouse pointer. I wonder if there's a bug in registering the mouse button being released...

@noelle do you have a plugin that changes the way typing in the editor works? e.g. vim bindings or something like that

@hoppet I don't think so. All I've installed is language support and one that helps me convert from snake_case to camelCase and back quickly.

@hoppet My mouse theory seems supported by a test I just did - right-clicking and hitting Escape solves the problem (hitting Escape on its own does not).

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