lord give me the confidence of a mediocre white man

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Exceptions this man is thinking of:
1) vampires
2) the undead (other than vampires: zombies etc)
3) jesus (other than undead vampire jesus)

@brion @noelle all of those examples did end up dead, though! They just, got up again afterwards.

@noelle It's the last sentence that gets me. What does he expect, that 6 months later she's going to reply with a "You were right the whole time"


But he's got a PhDc! (Ranked somewhat below PhDa and PhDbs...)

@noelle I'd leave it to him to prove the negative. Don't worry, we'll wait.


I'm not keen on the phrase "self-own", but damn if that isn't a gold-plated example, and surely a contender if there were an annual award in the genre. ^_^

@noelle wow. That's just incredible! I guess so many years off bellbird have made me find these things astounding these days.

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