Writing a reply to @lapis that's making me angrier the more I think about it (to clarify, it's the subject of the post and not anything Jules said or did). :blobangery:​


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What was it that made me angry, you might ask? The renewed realization that the US school system - and many others around the world, being as they are based loosely on the Prussian system from the 19th century - exists to mold the average students into someone who is Useful To Capitalism.

They are taught enough in each subject to be able to live in the world without a care for whether they'll be able to engage with it in any meaningful way - and I want to be very, very clear here that I'm talking about what the curriculum teaches, not how the students actually end up; I am placing NO judgment on students or the adults they become here. The expectation of this system - and it was explicit at the beginning! - is that the average student was expected to be, for example, a factory worker or a low-level accountant: the education system primes them to be the person that makes someone else's mark on the world, if that makes sense to anyone but me.

And that understanding leads to the understanding that "Gifted & Talented", "Advanced Placement", etc. are euphemisms papering over the selection of those students for A Greater Role In Society. Those students - the select few - are expected to be leaders and engineers, teachers and diplomats - the people who dictate what marks are to be made on the world.

Of course, these systems' original intent has been elided (and it behooves me to say at this point that I am not blaming individual teachers either! The fault lies in the system), so that most of the people implementing them these days genuinely don't understand where they come from; it has been so successfully integrated into the very concept of education in the United States that schools that eschew that pattern, e.g. Montessori, are seen as "weird" and "not giving children a proper education".

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long, education 

@noelle yeah, education is to create good little wage slaves who do not question anything or think for themselves, as if they did then they'd be a "threat" to that system

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Additionally, some 'gifted' programs exist to select those who society/capitalism can use/exploit, if it molds them slightly differently. For instance some autistic or adhd people, if they are viewed as 'high functioning' (compliant) enough.

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