The sky today is cloudless and brilliant blue. Little leaflets are poking out on the trees, and the grass is finally bright green. It's cold out, but nature knows what's up.


I'm 42 years old and my whole life I've assumed that the large branches of a tree were the same as the small branches, they'd just had the opportunity and resources to grow bigger. But they can't be, can they? The little twigs have leaves; the big branches don't. They must be different kinds of structure, like how fingers aren't just arms that haven't grown all the way yet.

tree body horror 

@noelle i guess they can ... shed them? or do the leaf nodes get bigger and become sub-branches


oh god this is getting freaky now


but the big branches were once little branches

and big branches, even the trunk, do sometimes sprout little branches, that have their own leaves


some terms that pop into my head about this, semi-randomly and of potentially dubious applicability:


apical meristem

web search at your own risk 🤔

@noelle This is making me think.

They could be similar though, in that a sapling grows into a trunk.
But what happens to the leaves on the bigger branches.

I need like some tree timelapses.

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