So, to recap: Elon Musk bought 9% of Twitter's shares, and in the process violated disclosure rules (you have to publicly disclose within a certain amount of time that you've acquired more than 5% of a company's shares, and Musk waited a week too long; this kept stock prices low so he could keep buying).

He believed that Twitter would agree to make him CEO or Chairman based on this purchase, since he was the single largest shareholder.

When they instead just offered him a seat on the board, he threw a tantrum and offered to buy the whole company outright, pushing the stock price up so that when he sells his shares in a fit of pique, he'll make more money.

@Jo @noelle that's legit what I immediately noticed this morning.

It's so fucking disgusting.

@noelle i feel like he's living in a different reality touching perpendicular to our own at a couple points

@noelle it'd be pretty funny if the twitter board agrees to the buyout and ruins his share sale plan

@radicalrobit @noelle Oh man, as someone who doesn't give a single shit about what happens to twitter, I hope they call his bluff.

@noelle SEC is going to have a field day if he sells any Twitter stock for the next few months.

Well. The SEC will do something about. This is not the first time he's messing up.

@noelle oh, THAT’S what that’s about? Thanks for the explanation, it makes more sense than anything else.

@noelle yeah, but then the price drops after he sells, then he buys in again at an even lower price. He repeats the cycle a number of times. If they don't agree to sell then he will have made some money.

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