Figure out which combination of 3rd party javascript domains is the bare minimum just to get the text to load, then give up and look somewhere else...

@noelle BIG MOOD, hard relate to that, especially the "subscribe to our newsletter" and auto-playing videos. These websites are so bloated with random crap that the website is really frustrating to use. Man, the internet has gotten pretty sucky.

@noelle for me it's just look at the domains that code is wantined to execute javascript from, and being like, "Okay, I guess that's fine," and then checking again how many more things it wants to load in after that. If the list gets to big for me to deal with, I just leave the site immediately. I also maintain a list of selectors for elements I'd prefer to deal with in ublock. Over time, the list of blocked selectors in ublock, the list of trusted and untrusted domains on noscript... it makes it a little easier. But it takes a bit of effort to get it there.

Try mozilla firefox, menu bar 'view', 'page style', 'no page style'...

@noelle I remember the good old days when it was just gambling ad pop ups and things that could outright break your computer. The internet was a lot more fun back then.

@noelle So true, it's getting to the point that I might just return to RSS feeds to read websites. But that's if there is a RSS feed in the first place which is becoming rare these days.

Me on <search engine> and the suggestions come up, "ooh this looks interesting"... "no thats not what I originally came for"

@noelle @ChrisWere That's what #uBlockOrigin comes handy with its element-blocking feature! Just add a couple of #.cookie-consent-wrapper and alike to your block list.
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