So if you ever wondered whether those Bored Ape NFTs were racist or started by neo-Nazis, wonder no more. (The answer is "yes".)

Bored Ape Club is Racist and Started by Neo-Nazis:

@noelle even just the logo is like β€œwell, that’s a statement” (especially along with the actual images)

@noelle this is incredibly unsurprising, but still fucked up

@noelle if only the folding ideas guy saw this before publishing that video

@lunch @noelle for the love of god, it was already hours long, don't give him any ideas

@noelle I'll take "Shit which I'm not surpised by" for $500

It's just like milkshake duck but if nobody liked milkshake duck to begin with

@noelle LMAO STOP I'm sorry this isn't objectively funny but this is very Funny. Like duh lmao

Edit-- great article dude, like they really went in and analyzed everything. We love to see it

@Ent @noelle this predate that screenshot.

So the 4chan thing is prob just a false flag. Gonna explore the archives to see if anything before dec 7 shows up.

I've only gotten to Jan 7th in the thread, and that's a fascinating read without even delving into the links. Could be the post I saw was inspired by the thread, or the poster independently saw the opportunity in a moment of serendipity. Either way, it's neat seeing this disentangling of symbolism and references. Reminds me of videos delving into meanings of sacred geometry and mathematical concepts hidden in ancient architecture.

@Ent @noelle 'trolling'

If it goes under the radar they have a new element in the codebook. If it gets mainstream attention it's just trolling.

It's the same as when they got people thinking the OK hand sign is racist. Can't help but admire the creativity and how an ad hoc group can get such ideas to spread through public consciousness.

Not sure if I can offer much else offhand. When I saw the OP, it reminded me of seeing that 4chan post floating around a few weeks ago, and had thought at the time it was amusing but didn't expect it to actually get traction. Had to search around to find a copy. Obvious mistake on my part underestimating them, considering random 4chan trolls were the origin of the OK hand sign being associated with racists as far as I'm aware. πŸ˜†

@Ent @noelle thanks, there is no date in the screenshot ... was wondering

There's a date in the screenshot, Jan 5th 2022. Just to the right of the Anonymous name for the poster at the top

>Sure enough its an anagram with only one solution, Drongo Negro


@noelle hey there's some bonus content in the html comments on this page, including the fact that this gem is probably a reference to rudolph hess

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