@noelle My first 6 months at Starbucks there was a lady who came every day about 5-10 minutes before we closed and asked for 22 shots of espresso. She always asked for it to be a free refill despite the fact that she hadn't bought anything previously that day and we don't do refills on espresso anyways (I told her this every day).

@noelle 22 shots is a full venti cup btw in case you didn't think that post was legit. It cost around $15 each day. We weren't allowed to take tips back then so she would leave grapefruits on the counter for us. We always threw them away after she left but we told her we ate them so she kept bringing them. I found out later she was stealing the grapefruits from Target.

@TapiocaPearl @noelle this was her regular day?
✅ Steal Grapefruit from Target
✅ Buy a 22-shot coffee from Starbucks
✅ Unsuccessfully try to get a refill
✅ Tip Starbucks staff with stolen grapefruits

@noelle Baristas clearly do not appreciate the gravitas of being legal drug dealers. You will not yet hear of these horror stories from dispenseries, as our culture has yet to take them for granted.

@noelle I also have a story from this end! I remember one time a woman came inside and ordered a large hot americano, black, with two rasberry shots and two coconut shots - which are individually probably the two rarest flavor shots. it was such a profoundly weird order that I A: made it for myself later just to try it (it sucked), and B: remembered it perfectly. she came in probably two weeks later and I cold-read the order, and she said "yeah, holy shit"

@noelle I've ordered a venti cup of espresso but they refused to make it for me >:(

@noelle Whoa. :shocked: Well... at least 20 shots is still well under the LD50. Still, whoa.

@noelle I would love to have this energy but I would either chicken out at the ordering stage or after one sip.

@noelle my fav story from my time at dunks: we had a regular on the night shift named Joel. every night he'd call about 5 minutes ahead to put in his order (he was the only person I'd ever seen call an order in; dunks has an app lol). his order was *12 shots of espresso,* on ice in 3 separate cups, and a plain bagel with cream cheese. he would then pull up to our speaker and say nothing, and anyone who wasn't new to the night shift would recognize the sound of his truck idling and say "hey joel"

@noelle he wore a high-vis and was clearly going to work at his graveyard shift job, but we never found out what he actually did

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