Donations to AGDQ go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. And you know what? I understand why they chose that charity. It's unobjectionable. No one is going to say "no, you know what, not fuck cancer".


So they are donating multiple millions of dollars to a charity that spends millions of dollars a year saying "you should probably get tested for cancer". And meanwhile, children are dying of hunger and exposure on the streets of the United States. Humans are dying from diseases that could have been treated if medical treatment weren't a for-profit industry.

But that's objectionable. Someone could say "they just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps" or "they just need to tough it out" or "if they were a better person God would provide" and not donate. So GDQ won't provide for them.

They donate to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Because no one won't say "fuck cancer".

@noelle similar to how like.

Fuck Susan b Komen

They are the worst. But no one would ever stand up to them, because they say they help cancer awareness

But that's all they do. Cancer awareness. Not actually cancer research or action. Just awareness.

@magicalmilly @noelle god i loathe SGK

at least PCF funds scientists and works on getting legislation and framework for often ignored cancers passed... SGK doesn't seem to do much of anything

and its a shame because once upon a time SGK *did* do things, but not so much anymore

@magicalmilly @noelle and partnering with corporations that expose their employees to large amounts of carcinogens

@noelle I never thought about this and I hate how much sense it makes, in a way

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