It's been kind of sad to see the decline of Humble Bundle over the last decade.

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@noelle Ellie
Humble Bundle wasn't *started* until the last decade. (2010.)

@onfy I've disagreed with nearly every decision they've made since they moved beyond the original bundles. Between their focus on individual game sales and subscription services and their almost total lack of humility, "Humble Bundle" is practically a legacy name at this point.

@noelle I feel a bit funny about this since a lot of my early Steam library comes from them, and they were what introduced me to the concept of Linux gaming. I bought a bit of stuff from them in the period after some of these initial changes... last time I gave them money must've been... 2015?

Of course, a lot of my early history is a bit weird like that. I wonder what the people I hadn't met yet would've thought of me back then.

@noelle Last thing I bought from them was apparently in 2018 when I bought the uhh... "Humble" Bob Ross bundle. I feel dirty. Very dirty.

@noelle My first thing from them was the Humble Double Fine bundle, in 2013.

@noelle bundles have obliterated them in terms of games and percentage given to charity these last couple of years.

@noelle you either die humble or live long enough to be bundled with all the other villains.

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