Okay, let's do a straw poll. You need to recommend a Mastodon instance to a new user. You know nothing about them except that they're generally left-leaning. What instance do you recommend to them in good faith, and why?

Please note that I am specifically asking about Mastodon instances.

If you see this after January 3, 2022, please don't respond to or boost it; this is meant to be fairly rapid-response. <3

@noelle that's a really hard question... how left leaning?

@thegibson :blobcatgooglyshrug:​ Someone who would read and think it was a good guide?

@noelle I’d say is good. It’s a bit more general, but it’s what I picked. I saw the “for anti-fascists” and dove right on in.

@HerbSteelbranch @noelle +1 for .lol

The admin does a good enough job of keeping the lights on the fash out. The locals are generally pretty nice; I don't think I have ever had a bad interaction.

Beyond that, it's a pretty chill place to host your account and access the greater fediverse from.

@noelle @nev i mean my own bc im pretty sure we've robustly blocked every shithead on the fediverse, but it's a pretty quiet lil instance as a result and we block a lot of the "big" ones since they have no functional moderation

@noelle If a cooperative or commons approach to running a Mastodon instance interests them...; beyond that they can find and follow people on any instance and in that way cultivate their own space...

@noelle is nice. Since I've come here in late august, I haven't really experienced anything really bad, and the mods are cool folk.

If they were interested in tech, I'd say and are good exceptions to the usual story with techie instances.

I recently made an alt on to post more serious tech and academia stuff, and the vibe there is cool indeed, the local timeline is like a uni cafeteria and the mods are p attentive.

@noelle Oh, my "why" part is a bit weak. Basically, these instances have super good rules, a list of suspended, silenced &c instances that are a testimony to these rules, and anecdotally I haven't had any significant negative interactions with folks of these instances.

@noelle It's always a bit tricky, given some instances aren't accepting any new accounts, whilst some will upon request, or via invitations.

Generally, though, there's quite a few that would fit:,,,,

@noelle I don't, anymore. I know that's not the answer space you're looking for, but I have never, ever invited someone to mastodon and had a good experience with it. For a variety of reasons, and to no one's real fault.

Most of the instances and communities that *are* as friendly and welcoming and not either completely and totally niche or borderline silo's themselves are all invite-only.

@noelle I think one of the points of pain in this is that the current on-boarding process for (completely) new users is much, much worse than what most existing users remember or experience themselves. By-and-large only communities that have meaningful "new folk welcoming" cultures are really able to compensate -- those exist but are the exception not the rule. And instances with out that type of culture are generally just really bad experiences -- regardless of how good the community is at other things. To make that more obnoxious, servers that stay closed too long tend to lose that cultural phenomenon unless there's a really big push by the larger voices.

The really great features of federated social networks are often hidden or completely hamstrung by the increasingly bad new-user-experience.

lol I realize I'm going to get completely skewered for that take. But to love something, you have to be able to be critical of it -- and I love mastodon.

@noelle I’m left leaning and ended up on if that’s any help?

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