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Why don't you dabble in NFTs yourself?

I've been approached several times to ‘make
an NFT. So far nothing has convinced me
that there is anything worth making in that
arena. ‘Worth making’ for me implies
bringing something into existence that adds
value to the world, not just to a bank
account. If I had primarily wanted to make
money I would have had a different career
as a different kind of person. I probably
wouldn't have chosen to be an artist. NFTs
seem to me just a way for artists to get a
little piece of the action from global
capitalism, our own cute little version of
financialisation. How sweet - now artists

can become little capitalist assholes as well.


oh, it's good

not something I that used to seeing with regard to any mention of a celebrity and NFTs

so, we've got Keanu Reeves, Brian Eno, a couple of projects that have said "we will not do this"

it's a short list

@deejoe @noelle the devs behind S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 announced that they were going to bring NFTs into that game, but massive backlash against the idea led them to yank those plans *literally* less than two hours after announcing them

Seems like the only people who are into NFTs are the greedy and the ignorant—and that Venn diagram often borders on being one whole circle

@deejoe @noelle there's also a theory that Ubisoft embracing NFTs is a plan to root out investor support for NFTs by tying the NFTs to a game barely anyone plays and making the system so convoluted and circular (by way of a proprietary payment/resell system) that the system will seem like a failure and investors will back off from wanting NFTs put into future games

I don’t buy into that theory (Ubisoft isn’t that ingenious), but it’s a nice thought to have regardless

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