@noelle please know that i am immediately slamjamming this into my ffxiv guild discord, as we have several people playing characters best described as "virtuous himbo catboy"

@noelle You were right, it was *absolutely* worth it.


I just fell out of my chair laughing at this and currently drooling on myself. Thank you, I really needed this.

@noelle This is incredibly funny but also Pam should NOT be allowed to take care of animals holy shit she's clueless

@noelle I am in tears and I have a headache I've been laughing so hard

@noelle had to find the original reddit thread...

Best comment so far:

"Wouldn't report you to HR, but maybe НЯ"

@noelle I wasn't sure I had the attention span to read all this but it was absolutely worth it for, "Jorts deserves respect as a member of our team."

I've put image descriptions with transcripts of the article in the image descriptions of these pictures of Jean and Jorts because of the character limit on my instance.

@noelle OK, buttering a cat is absolutely a thing if you need to distract them. But you use butter, not margarine, you only use a bit, and it's supposed to be for one-off things (like if there are fireworks or something).

Also, orange cats are notoriously dumb. They are they sweetest things, but orange is not the sharpest color in that crayon box.

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