Apologies to Brian May; the link I posted the other day was him being ambushed and then taken out of context.


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brianmayforreal Yes - I was ambushed and
completely stitched up by a journalist at the recent
ITV event. And it’s led to a whole mess of press
stories making it look like I'm unfriendly to trans
people. Nothing could be further from the truth. My
words were subtly twisted. I should have known
better than to talk to those predatory Press hacks.
Sincere apologies to anyone who has been hurt by
the stories. My heart is open as always to humans of
all colours, all creeds, all sexes and sexualities, all
shapes and sizes - and all creatures. We all deserve
respect and an equal place in this world. And my
grateful thanks to all of you who stepped up to
defend me in the last couple of days. It means so
much that you have faith in me. With love - Bri

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adamlambert YW WY Q

@noelle This doesn't... say a lot?

It's just "I've been misunderstood", without actually even clarifying what he meant?

@faho An Instagram comment probably isn't a great place for a line-by-line correction. 🤷‍♀️

@noelle @OCRbot brian may is a gentle soul who shines like a supernova

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