I am legitimately in awe of the person so far up their own ass that they think "I haven't heard of NFTs" and "NFTs are awesome!" are the only possible responses here.

Also, no, NFTs are not fucking "Web 3.0", Children of the Coin fuck off

@noelle "Our survey results show that 75% of respondents want to know more about NFTs!"

@cstanhope @noelle I love the smell of decentralized, cryptographically-verified pyramid schemes in the morning.

@noelle this isn't a survey made by people deciding whether to do a thing
this is a survey made people who area already doing it, can't throw away the money already spent, and need an excuse

@noelle artisinal hand-manufactured consent at its finest

@noelle thats because this is survey was only sent towards people in cryptocurrency discord guilds. they've already DECIDED they're going to support it. just like every other nft project they don't quite know what the hell they're supposed to do with the concept though.

@noelle i'd say its sad but i hate them so its more funny/frustrating. funnystrating. frussy

@noelle i cannot articulate the amount of cringe this gives me. what the fuck is discord even doing

@suetanvil @noelle what the fuck are they doing that they have to sell your data, charge for premium features, and *still* need more money? is it literally just another money funnel to rich people? ugh

@noelle reminder that this is the second time they tried claiming something was "Web 3.0". The first time was claiming that the use of centralized social media over RSS feeds and shit was web 3.0

@noelle Just let these shills leave for the nfternet and the web as we know it will be a much better place.

@noelle and if this somehow is web 3.0, I think I'm going into my yard and ripping the fibre cable out of the ground.

@noelle but what indeed is an NFT? :DD I've been away from information for a while

@sudoLife @noelle Technically, an NFT is a Non-Fungible Token (it's in the name. I.e. it's a cryptotoken that is not interchangeable with other tokens of the same kind. It can be used for many things. Some sane uses include as a decentralised domain name or username, or as spam protection for a forum. A stupid use (and the use that most people think of when they think of NFTs) is as a certificate of 'ownership' for a piece of digital 'art'.

@noelle For sure. Where's the option:

* I know what NFTs are, and this is all bullshit.

@noelle "I pointed a web crawler at an NFT trade site"

@noelle I'm just speculating here, but I get the feeling that this foray into NFTs is in part a push by investors for Discord to return on their investments. All that borrowed venture capital is coming home to roost.

Answer for question 2: "I stick with Web2. I don't want to be your beta-tester."

@noelle We've been trying to reach you about your NFT's extended warranty. ;-)

@noelle Where the fuck is the option for "I understand them perfectly and think they're massively over-hyped and what the fuck are you doing"

@noelle these people read "decentralized ledger", never thought about it for a year, then when someone tried to use it for capitalism they fucking nutted.

@noelle Web 3.0? What does NFT has to do with the semantic web? Are they confusing hashing JPGs with making internet data machine readable?

@noelle Unfortunately par for the course for the guys who knew they needed a "Report" function but weren't entirely sure *why*.


Think people are going to need to prepare some backup mechanisms and get off discord


Hello. I would like to purchase the NFT for your post. Is it still available? Thank you sir

@noelle i can only assume this is an extremely deliberate choice

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