@noelle I did not see that ending coming. I hope he gets whatever he needs to step back to reality.

@noelle WHAT. I thought I'd followed that saga all the way to the end at the time, but NO. There was a *postscript*.

@noelle "not only am i the rightful ruler of freenode i'm also the rightful ruler of both koreas" is certainly a stance

@noelle more than a cautionary tale, this is a cautionary legend.

@noelle "In continuation of the progress we've been making, I'm happy to announce we've taken a tremendous step forward toward true decentralization.

* ...
* Officially become digital territory of the Joseon Empire √
* ..."


@noelle This definitely went from dumb to batshit insane real quick. I only knew everything up to the bans for mentioning libera...

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