hilarious to me how many "people in a subculture i don't belong to" value different things than i do

i can't imagine looking at someone who spent $650 dollars on a keyboard and thinking "i bet i know more about what this guy needs in a keyboard than he does"

like if you have questions there are people who can answer them. if you post the ftl "how do people with those minimalist enthusiast keyboards enter numbers quickly or navigate around" then i could tell you about qmk and how people write custom firmware in C and use macros and the concept of layers to create arbitrarily powerful keymaps to, for example, put the keyboard into different states with different available keys depending on the circumstance. but if you post "who the fuck buys a keyboard without arrow keys" i'm just going to aggressively subtoot you instead

nobody's unboxing their keyboard they spent hundreds of dollars on and going "oh shit, wait, this doesn't have arrow keys on it :("

these are solved problems, just because you can't immediately think of a solution doesn't mean people who are part of this subculture are morons


@monorail Hell, not only is this a solved problem, this has been a solved problem since the 80s.

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