Me when I submit a report about my AC being broken: "I have a fan that can keep me cool so it's not a big emergency, I know maintenance will get here when they can."

Me 7 hours later: "Why isn't it fixed yet?!"

(It's a fairly large complex, I really don't expect instant service because this isn't an emergency.)

Maintenance drove their truck up to my back door because it was easier to bring all their stuff in that way, took the panel off the AC unit, then left saying they'd be right back.

Nice to know I provided an interesting problem.

So now they've come and gone twice.

Apparently I need a new breaker with a higher amperage.

Good news, everyone!

Those of you thinking "But if it was a breaker having too low an amperage, wouldn't you have noticed /years/ before now?" were spot on.

The compressor seems to be broken. This will not be fixed today.

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