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You have permission to favorite my negative posts, with the meaning "I have seen this and acknowledge it", and I promise not to interpret that as a favorable reaction.

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Saying this so I can pin it: Right now, with (I think) four exceptions, I haven't followed any accounts that haven't followed me first (two of those immediately followed me, and two of those are bots).

I want this account to be opt-in in both directions. If you would like me to follow you, please send me a follow request and then (if we haven't interacted before) interact with me. I am decidedly not Team Follow-Back but I do pay attention and I'm glad to have more friends. πŸ’œ

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Hi! I used to be , but I decided that I'm really more comfortable just being on my own little asteroid.

I'm not trying to evade blocks or suspensions. If you don't want me to see your posts, please block me here too. I won't be offended. You have your reasons and I'm happy to abide by them.

Microid's doing a sale on until the 29th, including offering Syberia and Syberia II for free:

Saw a map of the US labeled with the Google results of "why is [state] so..." from 2014 and decided to update it for 2021

There's a moment that will always stick with me in the Futurama creator commentaries. In the episode "The Cyber House Rules", Leela undergoes surgery to give her a second eye (made of paraffin, with a Sharpie pupil!). Her head is heavily wrapped in bandages, the gang gathers round her bed, the doctor slowly unravels the bandages... and it's the wrong patient.

And in the commentary, David Cohen laughs and says (something like) "hooray! we wasted the viewers' time."

Aachen, Germany in the autumn. Photo credit unknown, thanks Pinterest :blobugh:​

You don't get the Lamborghini. You don't even get the post-it note. You just get to know where the post-it note is.

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Once again, NFTs are like saying "hey, that guy over there owns a Lamborghini. I'm gonna write that Lamborghini's VIN on a post-it note, and if you pay me a lot of money, I'll tell you and only you where I've stuck the post-it note."

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There are times when I wish I were a less-ethical person. People out there have made millions of dollars selling NFTs of other people's work.

I am 100% serious that I'll pay somebody to design A4 sized posters that will go up at my uni and which hopefully mastonauts will also want to post where they study or work

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Purse, E6-1 Bright, Red Trim! Maille #purse in Euro 6-1, 16g 5/16" bright aluminum trimmed in red anodized aluminum rings and scales. Body is 8" x 5", with Euro 4-1 flap closure. Strap is 48" HP4-1. #fashion #style #handmade

In music, meaning "a repetition of a phrase, a return to an earlier theme, or a second rendition or version of a song in a programme or musical" (and in fencing, meaning "a renewal of a failed attack"), the word "reprise" is pronounced with the "i" sounding like "ee", reflecting its French roots.

Making your saving throw against Lightning Bolt is anti-climatic

I'm going to be streaming warming up for the tournament and then the tournament itself very soon

I got distracted when I started dialysis and forgot to increase the flow rate, so I was going at 4L/hour instead of 16L/hour like I'm supposed to. Added 15 minutes to my run time. =_=

In reporting on the fuel shortages, the BBC really had no other choice in who to send.

New episode of Shattered Soulstone is up! Episode 326 is titled "To The East".

I talked about my week in gaming, a brand new Activision Blizzard lawsuit, and a whole lot of stuff about Diablo II: Resurrected.

image description: A large crystal shatters into smaller pieces. Above it are the words Shattered Soulstone.

Due to my being on-call last week for the daygig, and working 60 hours for which I will be paid for 40, I had neither time nor energy to write. My apologies, but this will be a skip week for #Antillia. If you'd like to help me make #writing my daygig, I have LiberaPay and Ko-fi accounts linked from and wanderingbeekeeper.neocities.o. #ttrpg #fantasy

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