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Hi there! I'm NoΓ«lle, but you can call me Ellie. I'm a non-gender-conforming, non-HRT trans woman in my 40s who lives in mid-Michigan. I have a son in his 20s and I'm dating @sith_shenanigans . I've been a programmer all my life (currently focusing on Python), and I'm nominally a published writer but I've been in a creative slump for a while.

I have depression and anxiety, both of which are fairly well-treated. I also have an autoimmune disorder that's caused my kidneys to fail, so I undergo daily hemodialysis to help perform the functions my kidneys can't anymore. I call the dialyzer "the vampire", since it sucks my blood for ten hours a week. (It gives it back later, though.) The latter is the reason why I'm non-HRT; we have to figure out how to give me estrogen in a way that the dialyzer won't just suck it back out of me.

I'm an amateur musician and artist, and I like making toys and games in my free time. My first video game was Pong, my first real computer was a TI-99/4A (although my most formative computers were an IBM PC/XT and a Macintosh LC), and I use a flavor of Ubuntu Linux as my daily driver. My current video game obsessions are FFXIV and Vampire Survivors (which is weird, because I usually don't like bullet hell games).

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Hey, gang: if you don't like that I'm in a relationship with an adult who's substantially younger than I am, or if you're likely to shit on adults who are in age-gap relationships where I can see you, please use the Block feature of your social media app now and save us both some grief. Thank you. :no_at:​

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You have permission to favorite my negative posts, with the meaning "I have seen this and acknowledge it", and I promise not to interpret that as a favorable reaction.

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Saying this so I can pin it: Right now, with (I think) four exceptions, I haven't followed any accounts that haven't followed me first (two of those immediately followed me, and two of those are bots).

I want this account to be opt-in in both directions. If you would like me to follow you, please send me a follow request and then (if we haven't interacted before) interact with me. I am decidedly not Team Follow-Back but I do pay attention and I'm glad to have more friends. πŸ’œ

It's weird that I can feel my pulse in my toes and sole on my right foot. Same thing happened yesterday. That's also the foot that cramped up both days, so...


...I think I might get an adjustable arm cuff for my fistula, because I just had an unexpectedly terrifying conversation about how quickly I could bleed out if the needle sites start bleeding, and now I'm thinking about what if it happens while I'm asleep. What I'm supposed to do if that happens is just put pressure on it, so... maybe it's a good idea to always have pressure on it when I'm not conscious. >_>

Just occurred to me that I can get a left-handed trackball to use during dialysis, since while I'm using the fistula I'm not supposed to move my arm a whole lot. I'll have to get used to using my left hand for mouse control, but it'll free up my right hand to be solely focused on the keyboard.

Once again being reminded of why I set up my adblocker to make me actively disable it in order to comment on reddit. It's a fucking cesspit sometimes.

...okay, I started it, and honest to god the first segment really is about shark fuckin'

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@noelle i hope her marriage to shego has been successful and that they're happy together

"Kim Possible" premiered in June 2002. At the time, Kim was 14. She aged one year per season (this seems to be canon!).

As of July 2022, Kim Possible is 34.


Because of how my brain works, I saw "femboys" in the timeline and I started adding other pluralizers to it, and I wanted to make a "the plural of _ is _" joke like I often do, but I wanted it to be super clear that the joke was about language and not about femboys.

I'm embarrassed that it took me as long as it did to realize that the linguistically-operative part of the term as far as the joke is concerned is... just "boys". So here we are.

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@meganeko just reminded me: The Greek spelling of the name of the Egyptian god Thoth, among other things the god of knowledge, was θώθ.

So it's entirely legitimate to ask "θώθ, what's this?"

The plural of "boy" is...

(The "Spider-Man" option on many polls means "I just want to see the results".)

@noelle "the class of people who can get pregnant and the class of women are non-overlapping in both directions."

So now the manuals for every single Super Nintendo game are on, which kicks ass

I sprinkled some catnip on Bioux's blanket, he rolled around in it for a minute, and now he keeps getting up to go somewhere, stopping randomly, and falling asleep.

And to be blunt, yes, you are being transphobic when you make that complaint. By saying that we should say "women" instead of e.g. "pregnant people" or "vagina-havers", you're saying that your need to be recognized as "normal" and to be the only group addressed trumps anyone else's existence and humanity. If you don't want to be called transphobic then it's time for you to acknowledge trans people as human beings!

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Okay, because apparently this needs to be said:

If you are a woman, you are a woman. Nobody is taking that away from you.

Some people who e.g. who get pregnant or who have vaginas are not women.

So we talk about those things in terms of the people they're actually associated with, not the gender they're traditionally associated with.

Referring to people by those traits is not denying your womanhood. It's including other people.

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