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Saying this so I can pin it: Right now, with (I think) four exceptions, I haven't followed any accounts that haven't followed me first (two of those immediately followed me, and two of those are bots).

I want this account to be opt-in in both directions. If you would like me to follow you, please send me a follow request and then (if we haven't interacted before) interact with me. I am decidedly not Team Follow-Back but I do pay attention and I'm glad to have more friends. 💜

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Hi! I used to be , but I decided that I'm really more comfortable just being on my own little asteroid.

I'm not trying to evade blocks or suspensions. If you don't want me to see your posts, please block me here too. I won't be offended. You have your reasons and I'm happy to abide by them.

oh no people are talking about their favorite horror movies in my mentions while I sleep whatever will I do

slepful. I hope fedi is good in my absence. I love you all. <3

I am so pleased that I know someone like @voorhees with whom I can discuss the history of horror movies - and especially since they're more knowledgable than me on the subject, so every time we talk I learn something. :)

What I mean is: in so many horror movies, the motivation of the killer is "killing just appeals to him", and it would be nice if more movies gave the killer a motivation.

Pamela Voorhees was taking revenge for the death of her son. Freddy Krueger was getting vengeance on the children of the parents who'd killed him. Etc.

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I wish horror movies had taken more of a cue from Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street than from Halloween.

(Friday: camp counselors were more concerned with sex than safety, and allowed a child in their care to die while they were distracted

Nightmare: a child-molesting janitor, killed by the kids' parents, returns to take revenge

Halloween: a kid starts killing, and then escapes prison and starts killing again)

Looking at temperatures in the US southwest and thinking that I need to capture a Maxwell's demon to send warm particles my way and cold particles theirs

A still more glorious dawn awaits
Not a sunrise, but a galaxyrise
A morning filled with four hundred billion suns
The rising of the Milky Way


hey I'm grump
I'm also grump
fuck you, it's game grumps

People tell you all the time,
Poems do not have to rhyme.
It's often better if they don't
And I'm determined this one won't.

Oh dear.

Never mind, I'll start again.
Busy, busy with my pen...cil.
I can do it if I try--
Easy, peasy, pudding and gherkins.

Writing verse is so much fun,
Cheering as the summer weather,
Makes you feel alert and bright,
'Specially when you get it more or
less the way you want it.

-- Wendy Cope

I miss Elekk. I loved Elekk. I still do. But I'm happier here, and to be honest I'm pretty sure Milly and Rhys are happier without me interfering over there.

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Every so often I check the local timeline out of habit and then remember why I don't check the local timeline.

The Steam Summer Sale: 😘

The games in your library you haven't played yet: :blobsadreach:

Just in case anyone's unaware: Lesbos (Λέσβος) is the Greek island on which the poet Sappho lived, and is the reason lesbians are called that.

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@monsterbot13 poor bitty, you need to tell me when you're not feeling well. <3

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Just reminded that when I was in elementary school our maps still contained Stalingrad. (They naturally still had Leningrad; that didn't change until I was almost in high school.)

I've just started watching The Repair Shop (BBC in the UK, Netflix in the US), and it's delightful. There are no stakes and no competition. It's just people who are very good at what they do doing that thing.

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